Their hearts are large and generous, even if they suffer from want. At the end of the novel Tiny Tim lives and Scrooge changes for the good, the cratchit family are still as cheerful as they were at the start of the novel but even happier. 14. We also link to other websites, but are not responsible for their content. there family. "It really seemed as if he had known our Tiny Tim, and felt with us.". However, Dickens also goes to great lengths in Stave 3 to describe the family's demeanor as one filled with love, affection and joy that the family is together on Christmas. Even Scrooge is moved by this frail little boy and asks the Spirit if Tiny Tim will live; however, the Spirit informs Scrooge that without the necessary care he needs, Tim will die. This is despite the fact that their feast is actually rather modest on account of their being so poor. to go work in a They are making much of little. 9. Thankful regardless of poverty. "I think he's walked a little slower than he used to." - Stave 4. By joining Kidadl you agree to Kidadls Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receiving marketing communications from Kidadl. We are told that everyone gets enough to eat and is "satisfied" at the end of this meal, which means that often the family probably doesn't get enough to eat. family that are all very Well send you tons of inspiration to help you find a hidden gem in your local area or plan a big day out. S3 Mrs Cratchit (regarding Bob): love for . 8@/C1f4ipg09!c!D#(V'"ODdV,=igFoE>H$mf_H$mE"h$.D'vH$>D"I]$O"H}oDxH$mE"h$.D'vH$>D"I]$O"H}oDxH$mE"h4(o:vOj+e&o&G-{;MzswF^M_O?NqA6[foGxrQ{b){-4={&XW}FONGz>e/XwSGgwwNQ]/vF_Lp~5~trYk_}yDw#/vWG0 /'~{=dpz~ruYUyXw#g;=zcxR}Vyw'Xqpr> |c%dIg`~#>6:hdK_SM]'O=9]U:Q>NbI is still very kind hearted("Oh, Like them Scrooge was a very wealthy businessman who is selfish and only cares for himself. We recognise that not all activities and ideas are appropriate and suitable for all children and families or in all circumstances. Whilst Tiny Tim has little dialogue in Charles Dickens' novella, his kindness and compassion is evident, epitomized by the famous line "God bless us every one". Anyone using the information provided by Kidadl does so at their own risk and we can not accept liability if things go wrong. He hoped that someone would listen to what he had seen and change London to make the poor and rich an equal community. But Bob Cratchit who worked for Scrooge as a clerk was treated even worse then most poor workers who were never treated with dignity. Upon witnessing Tiny Tim, Scrooge becomes emotional and inquires about his health and future. It may well be that, in the sight of Heaven, you are more worthless and less fit to live than millions like this poor man's child.". Explain Ignorance and Want, who appear in stave 3 of A Christmas Carol. 18. between the poor and the rich and those who his job. Despite their poverty, cramped home, and humble meal, the members of the Cratchit family demonstrate their happiness and inherent joy by laughing and entertaining each other around the dinner table. In this particular scene, one could say that Dickens is attempting to humanize the poor. This article contains incorrect information, This article doesnt have the information Im looking for, 15+ Important Tiny Tim Quotes From Dickens' A Christmas Carol, 38+ Quotes On Power From Shakespeare And Literature, 51 Book Quotes About Wolves From Throughout Literature, Top 100 Nikita Gill Quotes From The Famous Instapoet, 51+ Quotes About Poetry And The Power Of Expression. Already a member? s%5oRF>R3o?W[oOA=bti:Li*V]s{49Qib&?mjcSot{>eq0&INiYL^4olS&v-mX-_zwUt>J5JMdEC\@y3Xl J @]\cJ_0ta|CEzsv;^bL{/^^MM}$em+oW&M=hS:5>~5SPgh17Q8v#?ku3Yof4vm4H*UGFna_LMB1e5-C6e5Y2et-lnH[yK@SEJ=(7 3b\`yMvl\x. The poverty of the family is emphasised again with the 'half of half-a quartern' which is a tiny amount of brandy because brandy is expensive. ", 4. They are instantly transported to the home of a young family. He walks with a crutch and has 'his limbs supported by an iron frame'. ", 19. Please note: prices are correct and items are available at the time the article was published. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is the story of a greedy man named Ebenezer Scrooge. Latest answer posted December 03, 2020 at 4:13:31 PM. ", 13. The Cratchits react to this "feast" with the highest delight. ("Let me hear another word ", 7. Latest answer posted December 05, 2020 at 2:12:53 PM. 4.6 (8 reviews) Flashcards. enjoy christmas as they are S3 Bob: loyal / grateful to Scrooge: I'll give you. The celebration the Cratchits have tells Scrooge that family is more important than money, and you should savor what you do have. But even so, the spirit of Christmas remains alive and well within the Cratchit household and teaches Scrooge in no uncertain terms what the holiday season is really about. Is being a directive important for being a good leader? ", 3. smaller that it looked like one coal. % Here at Kidadl, we have curated more literature quotes for everyone to enjoy! Dickens humanizes Bob Cratchit and his family by portraying them as grateful and joyous for the opportunity to celebrate the Christmas holiday together. Unit 1 quiz (in progress) that tests all the different topics. His description of the setting suggests that poverty has bred crime and deep unhappiness. The cops have nothing to go on. The Cratchits have a meager Christmas feast that includes only potatoes, gravy, applesauce, and a modest goose heavily filled out with sage and onion. Kidadl cannot accept liability for the execution of these ideas, and parental supervision is advised at all times, as safety is paramount. The only low point for the evening occurs when the family mentions the mean-spirit of Scrooge. Scrooge is not unfortunate in the way of relatives - he has a family awaiting his . Finally, at the end of the novel Dickens uses the cratchit family to show the struggles of the poor throughout the whole novel. Although their living conditions are depressing and their financial situation is unsteady, the Cratchits possess infinite hope, and their love seems to keep them balanced and fulfilled. Many businessmen in Dickens lifetime were making their money from the Royal Exchange. How does Dickens present Scrooge's character in stave 1? "Scrooge was better than his word. "I am sure we shall none of us forget Tiny Tim". Hopefully they can be seen small and can live like that. Who is Belle in A Christmas Carol, and why was she important to Scrooge? How does Dickens present Scrooge's character in stave 1? Their celebration shows Scrooge the true meaning of Christmas. greatest success achieved by When the Spirit of Christmas Present takes Scrooge to the Crachit home where he witnesses the joy and excitement of the children and parents alike, Scrooge cannot help being drawn into their exuberance. As Scrooge doesn't understand or appreciate the meaning of Christmas, the Ghost sets out to teach him what this special time of year is all about. The enjoy each others company. This signifies the gap between rich and poor and although neither one of them have a substantial amount of coal, the wealthier individual has more . 1 0 obj Businessmen were supported by their clerks who worked very hard for an amount of money that could only afford to rent a house and support a small family. will help you with any book or any question. The enjoy each other's company. Your privacy is important to us. Cratchits show Xmas spirit. I would recommend a solo flight to all prospective suicides. Despite his physical difficulties, he is a positive and generous child. 6. When they were praising the goose, the fact that it was cheap was one of the things they were most proud of. Harriet is currently working as a freelance writer and uploader for Kidadl. This is short lived however and the family returns to being happy and sharing laughter in front of the fire. When it comes to combating imperialism we are all Stalinists. Scrooge, ironically, gets no joy out of his bags of excess wealth, while the Cratchits make the most happiness possible out of their poverty. This unpleasant attitude is shared by Scrooge, who sees no reason why the poorest members of society shouldn't be sent to prison or to a workhouse if they need something to eat. Once again though, Mrs Cratchit is not bowed by her situation, And so Dickens challenges this prejudice, held almost certainly by many of his readers, by showing the poor in a positive light. "He hoped the people saw him in the church, because he was a cripple, and it might be pleasant to them to remember upon Christmas day who made lame beggars walk, and blind men see. poor as a number/statistic but This does not influence our choices. Students looking for free, top-notch essay and term paper samples on various topics. Already a member? Enjoy eNotes ad-free and cancel anytime. Scrooge rarely spoke to people as he kept himself to himself and didnt like expressing his feelings to other people. It tends to make clear the issue of whether one enjoys being alive or not. Explain Ignorance and Want, who appear in stave 3 of A Christmas Carol. He tells his wife that the man they are indebted to is dead. And even though poor Tiny Tim's health continues to deteriorate, he still plays a full part in the family's preparations. while the rich were living in big Cratchit had to work everyday in the year, except Christmas which was the one day the Cratchit family would have a proper meal with a goose and lots more treats they wouldnt be able to afford on an ordinary day. What did Scrooge say about giving his clerk a day off to celebrate Christmas in Charles Dickens'sA Christmas Carol? He had to work in terrible conditions, for example Scrooge looked after the coal box and wouldnt give Cratchit clerk put on his white comforter, and tried to warm himself at the candle; in which efforts, not being a man of strong imagination, he failed. workhouse/factory. Overall, Dickens humanizes the poor by depicting the Cratchits as a grateful, pleasant family, who thoroughly enjoys each other's company and embodies the Christmas spirit. LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in A Christmas Carol, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. would never be The main insight we gain into Tiny Tim is from other character's dialogue. In the Victorian period Londoners were split in two categories, the rich and poor and the streets were filled with diseases and many poor children died at young ages. "So perhaps, in the future, you will hold your tongue until you have discovered where the surplus population is, and who it is. He thinks of . 1. The Cratchit family reminds Scrooge what it means to be deliberately happy. 5. The Cratchit family is grateful for their feast even though it is meager, and Scrooge realizes that you do not need much to be happy as long as you have people you love. They love each other, and because they do not have much they savor what they have. eNotes Editorial, 18 Jan. 2021, Everybody had something to say about it, but nobody said or thought it was at all a small pudding for a large family. Name the six places the second spirit takes Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. children would shine How does Dickens present Bob Cratchit's family in stave 3 of A Christmas Carol? Rhizman is absolutely amazing at what he does . The Cratchits react to this "feast" with the highest delight. Learn. Being deaf or being blind - what are the consequences, Success Isn't Just Merely Being Rich But Being Able to Achieve Your Different Goals in Life, About Family Well-Being, Illnesses and Parental Relationships, Factors That Contributed To Euro Disneys Poor Performance Tourism Essay, ASK writer for ", 5. Dickens knew London well and he saw all the poverty on the streets and the diseases. He obeys Scrooge's rules and is timid about asking to go home to his family early on Christmas Eve. 16. When you buy through the links on our site we may earn a commission. As Scrooge sees for himself, there's a lot of warmth in the Cratchit household, despite the absolute pittance he pays Bob. Please note that Kidadl is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon. Mrs. Crachit does not want to toast him, but Bob insists "It's Christmas," so she does, although adding some of her thoughts. We hope you love our recommendations for products and services! streets wearing nothing but rags The compound in the jug being tasted, and considered perfect, apples and oranges were put upon the table, and a shovelful of chestnuts on the fire. You have subscribed to: Remember that you can always manage your preferences or unsubscribe through the link at the foot of each newsletter. 3). Educators go through a rigorous application process, and every answer they submit is reviewed by our in-house editorial team. 15. "And even Tiny Tim, excited by the two young Cratchits, beat on the table with the handle of his knife, and feebly cried Hurrah!" - Stave 3, 'A Christmas Carol'. Scrooge's joke about Bedlam, a famous insane asylum, reflects his perplexity at a world where people can be gracious while impoverished. merry Christmas to us all, my When Scrooge is toasted as the Founder of the Feast, Mrs. Cratchit objects at first, calling him odious. Bob tells her to think of the children and she agrees to toast. Dickens cared immensely about poor peoples welfare and started writing his books to help people understand the hard lives poor people had to live, to earn enough money and make enough food for their families to survive. Mind Map on Poverty and Bob Cratchit, created by James Nicoll on 01/01/2018. Bob Crachit and the Cratchit Family Quotes. What lesson does Scrooge learn from each spirit in A Christmas Carol? As an Amazon Associate, Kidadl earns from qualifying purchases. endobj keep your Christmas by losing your In what ways does he make his message palatable? Educators go through a rigorous application process, and every answer they submit is reviewed by our in-house editorial team. Atoms, Protons, Neutrons & Electrons quiz, This quiz tests your knowledge of Atoms, Protons, Neutrons and Electrons, Pure Core 1 maths revision notes for specification AQA. Holidays are about more than spending and presents. Christmas was a great day for all poor people but they all knew the next day was just another . Scrooge's heartlessness was by no means unusual in those days, as Dickens would've been all too aware. 12. Latest answer posted July 29, 2019 at 8:57:00 PM. little incomeand is threated to lose 01. They are presented to Scrooge and the reader in stave 3 as a happy, loving family, despite their poverty. Thomas Robert Malthus sees the poor as a . That's another thing about Noise. These are the key words for OCR Health and Social Care, GCSE. Cratchit said, and calmly too (Ch. Holidays are about being with the ones you love and enjoying time with them. I highly recommend him if you need an assignment done . Scrooge, who is a stingy miser who spends his nights eating alone and usually just has gruel because it is cheap, is astonished when he sees how excited the Cratchits are about their Christmas feast. Revise and learn about the themes of Charles Dickens's novella, A Christmas Carol with BBC Bitesize GCSE English Literature (AQA). Retrieved from They are all very happy and excited with this meal. they faded, and looked happier yet in the bright sprinklings of the Spirit's torch at parting,Scrooge had his eye upon them, and especially on Tiny Tim, until the last. Although the Cratchits have little or no money, they are still a loving, mutually supportive family. It's clear that Tiny Tim is a loved and treasured member of the Cratchit family, and through him and his family Dickens conveys the important message that the weakest and most vulnerable members of society are human beings, too. thought it was at all a small Scrooge had threatened to sack Bob Cratchit so close to Christmas and just shows how mean he was and how poorly workers were treated in Victorian times. Happy to read and share the best inspirational Cratchit Family Being Poor quotes, sayings and quotations on Wise Famous Quotes. "Spirit of Tiny Tim, thy childish essence was from God". "ribbons" we know are quite cheap, so this would be something the poor would probably have a tiny bit of access to. Describe the two children who emerge from the second spirit's robe in A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I'll retire to Bedlam.". What we suggest is selected independently by the Kidadl team. This day was Christmas and in my essay I am going to be describing how Dickens get across the Christmas spirit people have. Tiny Tim plays a pivotal role in the change of heart Ebenezer Scrooge experiences, as he changes his miserly ways and learns to value human relationships. If you want more 'A Christmas Carol' quote inspiration, take a look at these 'A Christmas Carol' quotes and these Ebenezer Scrooge quotes? <> the family praise it demonstrating the Cratchit's sense of pride as they are celebrating despite low income. When it comes down to it, Christmas isn't about how much money you have; it's about expressing gratitude for the blessings you have, such as a loving family. The Ghost of Christmas Presenta large, jolly soul who resembles Santa Claus in many respectsrepresents the true spirit of Christmas as it should be enjoyed and celebrated. Latest answer posted December 03, 2020 at 4:13:31 PM. Collection of top 6 famous quotes about Cratchit Family Being Poor. Enjoy eNotes ad-free and cancel anytime. (2019, Dec 05). Dickens presents Bob Cratchit's family in stave 3 of A Christmas Carol as being poor but happy. The Cratchits all enjoy their goose, and their gravy, apple-sauce and potatoes. At first he is indifferent to the poor and Tiny Tim, however by the third ghost's vision of the future he mourns the image of Tiny Tim's death from an unknown illness and becomes a second father to him when Scrooge awakens on Christmas Day. Latest answer posted January 12, 2021 at 5:08:54 PM. Nikita Khrushchev. As Scrooge is for the first time beginning to realize, the Cratchits barely get enough to eat because he choose to exploit and underpay Bob Cratchit. hearth"), Bob Cratchit is very poor but Kidadl has a number of affiliate partners that we work with including Amazon. In contrast, the Cratchits are very poor, without enough material resources to get proper medical treatment for Tiny Tim or have more than a very modest Christmas feast. Their warm, friendly environment stands in sharp contrast with Scrooge's current situation. What is the role of the Cratchit family in the novelA Christmas Carol. Bob Cratchit and his family all enjoy christmas as they are thankful for what they have and all care for one another ("A merry Christmas to us all, my dears. According to the prevailing prejudice of the time, poverty was primarily due to moral failing; if you were poor, so the argument went, it was your own fault. It may be that in the sight of Heaven, you are more worthless and less fit to live than millions like this poor man's child.". 2020, They treat the goose as the "rarest of all birds," and the narrator notes that this is close to true in the Cratchit household, suggesting that they don't often get to eat meat. Share. suits and dresses. If you purchase using the buy now button we may earn a small commission. My little, little child! We recommend that these ideas are used as inspiration, that ideas are undertaken with appropriate adult supervision, and that each adult uses their own discretion and knowledge of their children to consider the safety and suitability. from Concordia University M.S. By continuing well assume youre on board with our cookie policy, Dont waste Your Time Searching For a Sample, Like Being a Woman, Like Being a Racial, Religious, Tribal, or Ethnic Minority, Being LGBT Does Not Make You Less Human. Dickens balances these bits of imagery with reassurance that in spite of their poverty, the Cratchit family members are unfailingly grateful for one another's company and devotion. Subscribe for virtual tools, STEM-inspired play, Bob Cratchit really loved Christmas and when he applauded Scrooges nephew talking to Scrooge about how great Christmas was, Scrooge said, Let me hear another sound from you and youll keep your Christmas by losing your situation. Mrs Cratchit"), Bob Cratchit and his family That's where the Cratchits come in. God bless us ") In the 1800-1900 there was a social divide between the poor and the rich and those who had everything and those who had nothing. A mind map of the most frequently used symbols in middle school music. The spirit of Christmas present has taken Dickens to watch the family's evening festivities. His wife can't help but be thankful. Kidadl provides inspiration to entertain and educate your children. His heart has shriveled up through both isolation and his fixation on making money. Dickens makes it clear that this joy and laughter remains with the family despite their poor living circumstances, the harshness of Scrooge as a boss and the poor health of Tiny Tim, the Cratchit's son. At Kidadl we pride ourselves on offering families original ideas to make the most of time spent together at home or out and about, wherever you are in the world. What then? 11. Latest answer posted December 04, 2020 at 2:51:25 PM. Describe the two children who emerge from the second spirit's robe in A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. The text says that the younger children get a good deal of onion and sage, meaning that the ratio of goose meat to vegetables is not very high. "I promised him that I would walk there on a Sunday. I also make movies that can be seen on a small screen, as I shoot on digital video. [COMMENT] [MARK] Response 2 Dickens presents . The story of A Christmas Carol is set in Charles Dickens home town of London. Did you hear about the toilet being stolen from the police station. Tiny Tim is one of Bob Cratchit's sons. whose little frail body does not impair his Christian charity and love for all. We strive to recommend the very best things that are suggested by our community and are things we would do ourselves - our aim is to be the trusted friend to parents. Since its publication in 1843, Tiny Tim has been a favorite character from the Charles Dickens classic Christmas tale 'A Christmas Carol'. The loving family of the Crachits becomes Dickens's defensive argument against the Poor Laws of England, in which families, like his own, were separated as parents were imprisoned for debt. will help you with any book or any question. Bob Cratchit represents all Scrooge is not: poor, family orientated and full of Christmas cheer. Family Theme Analysis. "How does Dickens present Bob Cratchit's family in stave 3 of A Christmas Carol?" xk$GwZJoZ7^b 17. If you liked our Tiny Tim 'Christmas Carol' quotes, then visit our Charles Dickens Quotes or Oliver Twist Quotes. %PDF-1.4 In fact, there's so little food on offer that it doesn't really constitute a feast as most people would understand it. The pudding was also a source of admiration for all. 2023, Inc. All Rights Reserved, "Secret, And Self-contained, And Solitary As An Oyster",,, Dickens presents Bob Cratchit's family in stave 3 of A Christmas Carol as being poor but happy. S1 Bob: tiny fireplace - representing the lack of warmth when with Scrooge + his lack of care for Bob's warmth: so very much, S1 Bob: warm despite being cold / kind compared to Scrooge: the clerk, who, S3 Bob: loyal / grateful to Scrooge: I'll give you, S3 Mrs Cratchit (regarding Bob): love for her husband: your, S3 Cratchits: grateful / poor but still happy: They were not a, handsome family [] But, they were happy, grateful, S3 Tiny Tim: religious (thinking of Jesus) / thoughtful / wisdom which contrasts to Scrooge's arrogance: He hoped the people saw him, in the church, because he was a cripple, and [] remember upon Christmas Day, who made lame beggars walk, S4 Bob: grief over Tiny Tim's death / change of mood in the Cratchits' house: He broke, down all at once [] 'My little, little child!' I'd give him a piece of my mind to feast upon, and I hope he'd have a good appetite for it . How The Cratchits Family Coped with Being Poor. situation"), Bob Crachit has a big In Stave 3 of Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," Bob Cratchit's family is presented as an extremely poor, but mostly joyous family. Cratchits drink to a Scrooge though he doesn't give them much. disgraceful("nobody said or Subscribe for virtual tools, STEM-inspired play, creative tips and more. At the end of the meal, Mrs. Cratchit brings out the pudding, shaped like a cannonball and set alight with a little brandy, to the great happiness of all. Accessed 1 May 2023. Who are the experts?Our certified Educators are real professors, teachers, and scholars who use their academic expertise to tackle your toughest questions. Bob Crachit makes a toast to Mr. Scrooge and suddenly the delight leaves the faces of everyone. Log in here. With the presentation of the Crachit family, Charles Dickens dispels the notion that poverty makes people worthless and demeaned. Copyright 2023 Wise Famous Quotes. Scrooge, contrastingly, is rich, prefers solitude and vehemently dislikes Christmas time. The dynamic nature of our site means that Javascript must be enabled to function properly. "Tiny Tim, bore a little crutch, his limbs supported by an iron frame. had everything and those who had nothing, Thomas Robert Malthus sees the ". Unlike Scrooge, however, they have love for each other and the joy of companionship as they celebrate the holiday. this also shows us that even though they are poor, Mrs Cratchit tries to take . dears. Opposite of Scrooge's house. Part of Scrooge's evolution is conveyed through his response to Tiny Tim and how this contrasts at the start and end of the novella. Kidadl is supported by you, the reader. He did it all and infinitely more; and to Tiny Tim, who did not die, he was a second father. This would usually be about i? Dont be grieved!"". Christmas was a day that poor people didnt care about the expense of all the food or presents, it was a day that all families came together. S1 Bob: warm despite being cold / kind compared to Scrooge: the clerk, who. Who is Belle in A Christmas Carol, and why was she important to Scrooge? The poor would live out in the 2023, Inc. All Rights Reserved, "Secret, And Self-contained, And Solitary As An Oyster", Dickens sees the poor as living He has all the money he could possibly need and more, but he is alone and has rejected all overtures of friendship. The Cratchits all worked together to make their Christmas dinner, Mrs Cratchit made the gravy, hissing hot; Master Peter mashed the potatoes with incredible vigour; Mrs Belinda sweetened up the apple sauce; Martha dusted the hot plates. What quotes describe how Scrooge changes in stave 3 ofA Christmas Carol. Until this time, Scrooge has been unable to perceive his poor clerk as fully human, as a man with a family to support, a person with real wants and needs that might not be covered by the tiny bit of pay Scrooge offers him. from The University of Texas at Arlington. When you analyse poverty in A Christmas Carol, you may want to reference the setting as well as using direct quotes from characters. He showed his attitude to people when he said, every idiot who goes about with Merry Christmas on his lips, should be boiled with his own pudding, and buried with a stake of holly through his heart. they wanted money they had Strong family love. In Dickens's day it was all too common for people to blame the poor for their own sufferings. He should. Poor Bob sat down in it, and when he had thought a little and composed himself, he kissed the little face. Despite having significantly more money and financial security, Scrooge lacks everything the Cratchits have in abundance, which is joy, companionship, and love. Their poorness . "A Merry Christmas to us all; God bless us, every one! In addition, nobody will say that the Christmas pudding is small, which means that it is, but that the family is looking on the positive side of life. Any information you provide to us via this website may be placed by us on servers located in countries outside the EU if you do not agree to such placement, do not provide the information. Mrs Cratchit has worked hard to make the perfect pudding for her family, hence she is proud when it turns out well. She has previously worked across various areas of theatre, and continues to edit scripts for theatre. the poor to help them so if Four of the best book quotes from Bob Cratchit. The poor law was introduced Although the Cratchits have little or no money, they are still a loving, mutually supportive family. What is the role of the Cratchit family in the novelA Christmas Carol? earn money form Tiny Tim Quotes. (x2), S5 Bob: worry that Scrooge will punish him for being late: 'it's only, S5 Bob: shock at a 'raised salary' / thinking Scrooge has gone mad: calling to the people in, the court for help and a strait-waistcoat, The Cratchits - 'A Christmas Carol' Quotes, Bob Crachit and the Cratchit Family Quotes, A Christmas Carol - Ghost of Christmas Present, Unseen Poetry - Conventions / Links to love /, Drama - Acting / Staging / Lighting notes, myPerspectives: English Language Arts, Grade 7, Harold Levine, Norman Levine, Robert T. Levine, Vocabulary for Achievement: Fourth Course. daniel berce gm financial email address,

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